The agriculture sector has been experiencing a shift; this means farmers who use crude equipment for farming purposes has moved to embrace the good of modern technological tools. Utilizing traditional farming equipment is a waste of time, making the farmer easily prone to health challenges. But today, there are several modern tools used in agriculture, and for this post, we would talk about Bale Wrapper.

What is a Bale Wrapper?

A bale wrapper is one of the modern tools utilized in the agriculture sector that wraps plastics and turns them into silage. As a contemporary and technological genius in agriculture, it has helped to improve farming strength and harvest possibility. Bale wrapper is one of the modern agricultural machinery that has transformed the industry of agriculture for good. There are three primary forms of bale wrapper equipment for agriculture, and they include;

In-Line Bale Wrapper

This form of bale wrapper is suitable for farmers who carry out their agriculture activities in a large land area. It allows the producer/farmer to save time and a few bucks in the process.

Satellite Bale Wrapper

Some bale wrapper consists of a hydraulic driven rotating satellite arm, and the arms help to carry the dispensing unit and plastic film roll. Every high-speed bale wrapper has two rotating satellite arms.

Turntable Bale Wrapper

The bale wrapper has a bale handler that scoops a bale and places it on the wrapping table. The wrapping table spins the bale slowly while it allows the table to revolve.


Nowadays, farming is done with the use of vast and flexible technologically advanced machines. This means that the world at large would have access to food and fruits at any time and in large quantities. Utilizing modern technology such as bale wrapper would help save time and energy and improve efficiency during the agriculture process.