Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Email Signature

An email signature is the text, or media, found at the end of the message: generally containing a name, contact information, email address etc. They can be personalised and are standard for employees of most businesses as well as freelancers.

Gmail Signature Management

Gmail is a common platform for communication, so it is important to be aware of available options for signature management on the service. In the professional realm effective signature management can provide time-efficient benefits such as syncing across platforms and devices.

Xink: Email Signature Platform is a tool for managing email signatures and email signature marketing campaigns that is compatible with Gmail. The Xink platform for email signature management was launched in 2013; before Xink was directed almost solely at IT professionals, but now deals in large part with marketing and communications departments.

Gmail signatures can be assigned, synced and updated across the workforce with Xink. Adjustments can be made at any point in time: the email signatures can be designed on the platform itself, and there is access to existing templates for ease of use. New employees can, for example, be added to the platform from the G Suite or even by importing from Excel. All employees will need to install the application onto their device but will receive an invitation email with all the necessary information.

Xink can also assist in targeted marketing campaigns using email signatures and offers analytics data for progress reporting. Information on active, past, upcoming and disabled campaigns is available. Specific settings can be applied to each campaign.

The platform is subscription based but offers a free trial. Xink Brand and Xink Campaign are the two available subscriptions and rates depend on factors such as number of employees with email accounts.

Overall, feature highlights include:

  • Gmail and Outlook compatibility
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Targeted marketing
  • API access
  • An active Helpdesk