Leveling feet are devices that help stabilize heavy machinery and equipment used in the industrial sector. Industrial leveling feet have height adjustment features that are crucial when installing machinery on the production floor to allow safe operation and to protect the machinery.

Save time and money

Leveling feet can be acquired with a number of features that aim to make operating machinery both easier, safer and less costly. This is achieved by leveling the machinery perfectly, protecting the machinery from vibrations, while making sure that the machinery remains in place.

Moreover, the anti-vibration features cut down on maintenance costs, as the machinery is better protected from vibrations, as they are being dissipated by the leveling feet suspension system.

The right leveling feet can even protect the machinery from earthquakes, which can be especially helpful in areas that are prone to earthquakes.

By getting the right leveling feet for your heavy machinery and equipment, you will save both money and valuable time. Maintenance costs will be lower, and you extend the lifetime of your machinery, saving you even more money on repairing or reacquiring machinery.

Easy cleaning or weighing

By investing in quality leveling feet, you can get unique features such as weighing-functionality and hygienic design, which can increase production effectivity when integrated into the production flow.

A hygienic design allows for easy cleaning, making it possible to achieve a high level of hygiene with minimal effort, which is extremely important in some sectors, especially in the food and pharma-industries.

Installation and specifications

Leveling feet can be acquired in many different sizes and with many different specifications. The weight capacity of the leveling feet varies, and the mounting options are also varied, making installing the leveling to your equipment or machinery easy.

NGI is a market leader in the manufacturing of quality leveling feet, and their assortment spans more than one million unique combinations of sizes, types, capacities, and features. NGI will therefore be able to find the right leveling feet for your specific needs.